Does PSU Brand Matter? (Brands To Choose & Brands To Avoid)

Choosing the right Power Supply brand can be confusing for those who are new to building PCs.

This article will help you decide which Power Supply brand to choose and which ones to stay away from and explain why your choice of Power Supply brand is important.

It’s important to buy a power supply from a reputable brand because they use high-quality components; therefore, your PSU runs better and lasts longer.

Let’s dive deeper into why the Power Supply brand matters-

Why PSU Brands Matter?

Here are some reasons why it’s important to pick a power supply from a reputable brand-

Internal Components

There are several small components inside the Power Supply, such as voltage regulators, bridge rectifiers, transformers, transistors, main filter inductors, main control IC, fuse, etc.

The most essential internal components inside the PSU are the capacitors. Power Supply from a reputable brand comes with Japanese capacitors.

Japanese capacitors make power supplies more efficient, which means less heat and longer lifespan, and these Power supplies with Japanese capacitors are better than Power Supplies with Chinese capacitors.

Besides the capacitors, the power supplies from reputable brands also have high-quality fans that help to cool down the power supply and the rest of the PC system.

Efficiency Ratings

Power supply efficiency is one of the reasons why we should buy a power supply from a reputable brand. The majority of the PSUs from reputable brands come with an efficiency between 80% and 90%; therefore, these PSUs are more reliable than the other unbranded PSUs.

Let’s dive deeper into why PSU efficiency matters-

The efficiency of the computer Power Supply is its output power divided by its input power; the remaining input power is converted into heat.

Let’s take some examples-

A 600W Power Supply with 60% efficiency ratings running at full load would draw 1000W from the mains and therefore waste 400W as heat.

On the other hand, a 600W Power supply with 80% efficiency ratings would draw 750W from the mains, therefore only waste 150W as heat.

The unbranded PSUs come with 50-60% efficiency, but PSUs from a reputable brand come with efficiency ratings between 80-90%. You can learn more about this Power Supply efficiency in depth.


The lifespan of a power supply is an important factor to consider when buying one, as it gives us the confidence to choose a brand that we can trust for the long term.

Unbranded power supplies often have no warranty or a very short warranty, while power supplies from reputable brands typically have a warranty of 5-10 years. That’s why it’s important to buy a power supply from a reputable brand.

Which Power Supply Brand To Choose?

Some of the best power supply brands include Corsair, Cooler Master, Enermax, Asus, Antec, be quiet!, Seasonic, Silverstone, and EVGA. Let’s talk about which brand to choose from each of these different power supply options.

  • Corsair: Corsair is a very famous and well-respected brand for making Power Supplies. People who build PCs like Corsair’s power supplies because they are quiet, provide power efficiently, and last longer. Read this article to know How Good are Corsair PSUs.
  • Cooler Master: Cooler Master is also a well-known brand for power supplies. They have many different models, some cheaper and some more expensive, for all kinds of computers. PC Builders like the Cooler Master brand because they offer good value for the money.
  • Enermax: Enermax is a Taiwanese company that has been manufacturing PSUs for the past 30 years. PC builders really like Enermax because they make cool designs, have special features, and their PSUs are very good quality.
  • Asus: Asus is one of the major players in the Power Supply market. Asus also offers a variety of innovative features in its PSUs, such as the ROG Thor 1200W, which features a built-in OLED display that shows real-time power consumption and efficiency.
  • Antec: Antec is a pioneer in the Power Supply market, and its products are known for their quiet operation. Antec power supplies are a great option for overclockers because they can handle tough tasks without any problems.
  • be Quite: be Quite is a German company that makes excellent PC components, including PSUs. People who want to build a quiet PC often pick Be Quiet power supplies.
  • Seasonic: Seasonic is a Taiwanese company that makes some of the best power supplies for computers. Computer manufacturers frequently use Seasonic power supplies in pre-built PCs, and these PSUs are also popular choices among overclockers.
  • Silverstone: Silverstone is a company from Taiwan, and they are famous for making creative PSUs. Silverstone PSUs are really good quality and come in compact sizes. Many people who build mini-ITX or small PCs choose Silverstone power supplies.
  • EVGA: EVGA is a famous brand for graphics cards, and they also make other computer parts like power supplies. EVGA PSUs offer good value for money and provide various innovative features.

These are some of the best power supply brands you can choose from based on your particular needs.

Power Supply Brands That You Should Avoid

Most PC builders suggest not using certain PSU brands, and here I discussed some of those brands.

  • Rosewill:  Rosewill power supplies are usually considered budget choices, but they don’t match the build quality or performance of a reputable brand’s power supply.
  • Montech: Montech is a new company in the PSU market, but its products do not have as much of a track record as some of the more established brands.
  • Apevia: Apevia Power Supplies are budget-friendly, but they have been criticized for having poor build quality.
  • Aerocool: Aerocool PSUs are generally considered to be of average quality, but they have been known to have some issues with reliability in the past.
  • Aresgame: Aresgame is another relatively new company in the PSU market, and some users have reported issues like noise, voltage fluctuations, and failures in their PSUs.
  • Diablotek: The Diablotek PSUs have been criticized for their low efficiency and reliability problems.
  • Logisys: Logisys is known for offering budget-friendly PSUs, but they have been criticized for compatibility problems.

Final Thoughts

It is always recommended to choose a Power Supply from a reputed brand because most of their PSUs come with superior internal components, work more efficiently, and provide various safety features.

But it’s also crucial to look at the details of a specific Power Supply Unit (PSU) before you make a purchase.

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