Does Corsair Make Good PSUs? (6 Things You Should Know)

Several Power Supply brands exist in the market, and many beginner PC builders are confused about which PSU brand they should pick. This article will tell you everything about the Corsair PSUs.

Corsair is a company that makes several PC components, including Power Supplies. Before choosing whether a Power supply brand is good or bad, we have to note what internal components they use inside their PSUs.

So, Are Cosair PSUs Good?

Corsair Power Supplies are considered good because most of their PSUs have over/under voltage protections, short-circuit protections, and Overcurrent protection.

Besides these protections, the Corsair company uses Japanese capacitors inside their PSUs, which makes their Power Supply superior.

But these features also exist in other brands’ Power Supplies, so what makes this Corsair company a good Power Supply brand?

When we choose which brand’s Power Supply is suitable for us, then we have to consider numerous factors, and below I have discussed all of those factors-

Internal Components

The Power Supply has several small components inside, such as the voltage regulator, bridge rectifiers, transformers, transistors, main filter inductor, main control IC, fuse, etc.

Good brands like Corsair use all these superior components inside, making their PSUs better than others.

Moreover, Corsair uses Japanese capacitors inside most of its PSUs, and Corsair also decided to use these Japanese capacitors in all their PSUs to prevent potential failures.

Japanese capacitors have a reputation for quality control, and many experts always recommend using these Japanese capacitors’ based Power supply for extreme conditions.

These Japanese capacitors make the Power Supplies more efficient, and better efficiency means less heat, and these capacitors-based PSUs last longer than the Chinese Capacitors-based PSUs.

But that doesn’t mean that Chinese capacitor PSUs are bad; if you pick a Chinese capacitor PSU with the same specifications as an equivalent to Japanese capacitors, including the ESR (equivalent series resistance) models, then it will give you the same performance as the Japanese capacitor PSU.

Efficiency Ratings

The PSU efficiency is an important factor to keep in mind before choosing a PSU from a specific brand. The majority of the Corsair PSUs have an efficiency between 80% to 90%; therefore, these PSUs are more reliable than the other brand PSUs.

Let’s dive deeper into this Why PSU efficiency matters when choosing a PSU-

The efficiency of the computer Power Supply is its output power divided by its input power; the remaining input power is converted into heat.

Let’s take some examples-

A 600W Power Supply with 60% efficiency ratings running at full load would draw 1000W from the mains and therefore waste 400W as heat.

On the other hand, a 600W Power supply with 80% efficiency ratings would draw 750W from the mains, therefore only waste 150W as heat.

Some unbranded PSUs have 60% efficiency ratings, but the Corsair PSUs have higher efficiency ratings; therefore, these PSUs produce less heat and last longer.


When buying a Power Supply, its lifespan is an important stat that we need to keep in mind because this number gives us the faith to pick a particular brand’s PSU for longer periods.

Some PSU brands offer only 2 to 3 years warranty while few offer a warranty of up to 10 years. So, choosing a PSU with a higher warranty is definitely better.

A few years ago, only the EVGA PSU brand offered a warranty of up to 10 years, but the time has changed. In recent times Corsair has been competing with the EVGA company when it comes to PSU warranty.

The Corsair brand announced the increase in the warranty of their PSUs from 7 years up to 10 years for several series of Computer Power supplies.

Some Corsair series PSUs like the AXi series, HXi series, RMi series, and the RMx series PSUs launched on the market with 7 7-year warranty, but now they have increased the warranty up to 10 years.

So, because of this increase in the warranty, the Corsair PSUs become suitable for those users who want to build a PC for long-term use.


If you buy Power Supplies online, the price depends on several things, such as your location, where you are buying, the materials used for the PSUs, the efficiency ratings, the wattage, and many other things.

After checking the prices of several Corsair PSUs on numerous online & offline platforms, I can assure you that Corsair PSUs are available at the lowest prices and are very affordable.

Let’s check examples- the Corsair RMX series 550Watts 80+ gold Power Supply and the Seasonic Focus SGX 500 watts 80+ gold certified PSU have almost the same price. In this case, picking the Corsair PSU gives you an extra 50 watts.

Some specific Corsair PSU models have a high price, but the prices often decrease during sales.

Corsair RMX Series Power Supplies are popular amongst PC builders; You check out these Corsair PSUs.

People’s Opinion

I asked some Corsair PSU users and visited several online websites to check people’s opinions about the Corsair PSUs. Here we will note each & every point about the Corsair PSUs-

  • The Corsair RMx series PSUs are popular amongst PC builders, and over 88% of people have given this product 5 stars on Amazon.
  • The noise of the Corsair PSUs is not so loud because of the zero RPM fan mode.
  • The Corsair PSUs have superior internal quality, low ripple, and good voltage regulations.
  • The cables are well-designed, allowing users to install them easily and do easy chaining.
  • Most of the Corsair PSUs have labeled cables (PCIe, CPU, SATA) that help users easily understand which cables will go to which ports in the motherboard.
  • Corsair PSUs come with numerous SATA power cables, which will be helpful for those who want to attach many drives.

It is not necessary to purchase a PSU with multiple SATA Power Cables because you can add the cables separately- Here’s How You can add SATA power cables separately.

Some downsides that people are talking about the Corsair PSUs-

  • The Corsair PSU cables are not interchangeable with other brands’ PSUs. (The majority of the PSU cables are not interchangeable)
  • Some Corsair PSUs have stiff cables, making it hard to manage cables in tight PC cases.

These are some of the positive & negative sides of the Corsair PSUs that people are talking about.

Which Corsair PSU To Pick & Which One To Avoid?

Although Corsair is a famous Power Supply brand still, before picking a Corsair PSU, you have to check the specifications & reviews to gain more information about any certain PSU.

For your convenience, here I made a list for you through which you can pick a PSU based on your requirements-

  • Corsair AX 1600I or Corsair HX (For Tier-A/ High End)
  • Corsair RMx 2015, 2018, 2019, 2021- SF Gold/Platinum (For Tier-A/ High End)
  • Corsair HXi 2013 or AX Titanium (For Tier-A/ High End)
  • Corsair CX 2016 or CX-F RGB (For Mid-Range)
  • Corsair CX-M 2017 (gray labeled) or 2022- CV 650 (For Tier C / Low End)

According to your system requirements, you can go for any of these Corsair PSUs on Amazon.

The experts PC builders never recommended some Corsair Power Supplies-

  • Corsair| CV <=550W – VS 2017 (gray label) or 2020 (black label)
  • Corsair| VS 2012 (orange label)


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